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Our Capabilities

  • Anthem

    This tells the entirety of your brand's story and is the musical hero piece from which everything is derived. It couldn't belong to anyone else.

  • Custom Music Libraries

    Custom music imprinted with your sonic DNA . Say goodbye to underwhelming music libraries, these tracks will serve your musical needs across all channels.

  • Music Business Partnerships

    Identifying & collaborating with arists that are right for your brand is no easy feat - we do that heavy lift on your behalf. Negotiations & clearances? No problem.

  • Music Supervision

    Expertly curated soundtracks and dream playlists make experiences resonate. Our Music Supervisors can find the perfect music ot bring any story to life.

  • Network Promo and Redesign

    Trying to relaunch your identity or shift the perception of your network or program? We are experts at scoring entertainment brand transformations.

  • Original Scores: Film, TV, Media

    From the opening theme to each poignant underscore - moment to moment - it's the emotional engine for your story.

  • Sonic Equity Assessment

    Want to know if your sonic logo or identity is delivering for you, or how you could improve it? We've got you covered.

  • Sonic Identity and Logos

    Analogous to a visual logo - this short form sonic expression shows up everywhere your brand goes.

  • Sonic Strategy

    The launchpad for your sonic identity system and beyond. Together we create a clear translation of your brand strategy and guidelines so you can seamlessly apply your sound, everywhere.

  • SonicPulse Research

    Our proprietary and award winning research capability assesses the impact & effectiveness of music and sound. No more board room meetings debating musical taste.

  • Spatial Audio and Soundscapes

    Our physical world exists in 3D and so should our audio world. Create truly immersive experiences for your audience with next-gen spacial audio & compelling soundscapes.

  • UX/UI Brand Navigation Sounds

    You can think of this as miniature composition. No UX is complete without considering how sound guides users from moment to moment.

  • VentureSonic

    An incubator for sonic innovation and collaborations inclusive of Sonic Humanism Consulting, Sonic Prototyping and SonicPulse Research.

  • Voice Talent

    Voice is the lead instrument in the soundtrack of your brand. Finding the perfect fit with a compelling voice artists can be daunting. We can help.

  • VR/AR

    New tech, new challenges. These experiences read false without a great immersive soundscape. We create emotional triggers that drive story interaction and cognition.

  • Workshops

    Sound is visceral. We can talk about it all day, but sometimes you just need to get in the studio and play with it. Our custom-designed workshops bring teams together and inspire creative solutions.

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