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Super Bowl on NBC

Epic Match Up / Entertainment Package
The most watched night of sports needs music that guides the viewer through each amazing moment. Scoring this wild ride is Man Made's rock reinterpretation of John William's classic piece Wide Receiver.

The Big Picture

The Super Bowl has long been the most-watched live television event in the United States. In 2006, NBC commissioned John Williams to create the piece known as ‘Wide Receiver’, and in 2012 when the Giants were set to face off with the Patriots, Joel Beckerman was contacted to modernize the iconic piece. Beckerman arranged a rock-hybrid take on the original composition, adding fresh thematic pieces that spoke to the epic nature of the matchup, and creating a moment-to-moment underscore for NBC to heighten each emotional play.

The Challenge

Dive Deeper

John Williams and Man Made were no strangers to one another. In 2006 Joel Beckerman worked to reimagine the NBC Nightly News theme for a younger audience with Williams’ blessing. Since that success, Beckerman became a trusted arranger to work in conjunction with this legendary composer. With a profound respect for Williams’ original composition, Man Made set to bring Wide Receiver to new epic heights.

The Approach

Our Vision

How do you score a movie before it’s been shot? That was the conundrum when approached with the prospect of anticipating and scoring every possible scenario of the most anticipated night on television. To achieve this, Man Made employed both a rock musician section as well as a 45-piece orchestra with players from the NY Philharmonic and Broadway shows to reinterpret this rock-n-roll arrangement. Man Made recorded a refreshed 90-second version of Williams’ Wide Receiver theme as well as several additional cues in alternative genres that helped extend the original story to cover each emotional moment of the Super Bowl experience.

The Results

Impact and Value

“This epic anthem evolved an iconic original work for the modern era and audience. Scoring each moment of anticipation and exaltation, Man Made’s rock arrangement of Wide Receiver equips the Super Bowl team at NBC with an underscore for the game’s emotional rollercoaster.

“We always try to put people in the best seat in the house, but the best seat in our house comes with sound.” – Fred Gaudelli, NBC’s go-to producer for the Super Bowl and Sunday Night Football

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